Welcome to the Goto Sumio Museum

The Goto Sumio Museum is in Kamifurano, a town at the foot of Mt. Tokachi, which is in the Daisetsu Range of Hokkaido. Drawn by the vastness of harsh Hokkaido, in 1987, the Japanese watercolorist Sumio Goto set up a studio on a hill in Kamifurano with a beautiful view of Mt. Tokachi. In 1997, this leading Japanese artist turned the property into a museum. Goto has traveled to Kyoto, Nara, and all over the country to capture its four lovely seasons: the cherry blossoms of spring, the fresh verdure of summer, the brilliant foliage of autumn, and the tranquil blanket of snow in winter. You can see them all here at the Goto Sumio Museum.

Furano Grill restaurant

A favorite:
Furano curry with seasonal vegetables and wine cheese*

Furano curry with seasonal vegetables and wine cheese

Hokkaido is blessed with a clean natural environment, and the food produced here is popular nationwide. The Furano Grill restaurant is dedicated to serving cuisine prepared from the local foods of Furano, a leading dairying and upland farming district of Hokkaido.

*A local specialty of Furano. During production of the cheese, wine is added.